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Nearly 2,000 People Ran for Charity in Support of Karin Dom in Varna

31 May 2022

Nearly 2,000 people ran for charity in support of Karin Dom in Varna this Saturday at Dentaprime Runcity. For each finishing participant, the organizers of Dentaprime donate BGN 5 for the new therapeutic and educational complex of the Karin Dom Foundation.

The balance – 1,613 people managed to finish and thanks to them for this year’s cause in support of the new therapeutic complex of the Karin Dom Foundation, the organizers will donate the amount of BGN 8,065.

This Saturday in Varna one of the largest sporting events, organized for charity, was held. In it every Varna resident and guest of the city could take part, supporting the cause, no matter how physically prepared and at what age, namely Dentaprime RUNCITY`22.

Dentaprime RUNCITY`22, organized jointly with iRun, is a charity run in several disciplines – 400m and 2km – for children and 5km and 10km for adults, and for each finish, the organizers donate BGN 5 for a different cause from 2018 on (with a short break due to the pandemic situation). This year the cause is the new therapeutic and educational complex of Karin Dom. The run is completely free, non-competitive and with great prizes in the raffle among the participants to encourage as many people as possible to take part in it.

And so it happened. Despite the announcement for a 10:00 a.m. start of the run, as early as 9:00 a.m. the entrance to the sea garden was literally crowded with people who recognized the declared cause as their own, lovers of healthy lifestyles, sports fans, professional runners, mothers with prams, whole families with children, some of whom came to run with their pets, school classes with their class teachers, people with special needs, dozens of sports clubs from Varna and the region, enthusiasts who decided to run for the first time in their lives and at least as many, who came to support the participants and as an audience. Nearly 3,000 people… 3,000 people – for the cause, for sports, for an example for children, for a better way of life for everyone.

A total of 1,827 runners took part in Dentaprime RUNCITY’22, of which 1,352 adults and 475 children, including many who are still unable to walk alone and “ran” with parental support. During the sprint, the stage was full of sporting initiatives accompanying the event, in which the audience, attendants and already finished participants took part. Yoga, functional and conditioning training, zumba, steel combat and strong, as well as a climbing wall and scout activities were provided for the kids. This turned the day into a kind of a sports holiday, far from the cliché of “just another run”.

The balance – 1,613 people managed to finish and thanks to them for this year’s cause in support of the new therapeutic complex at the Karin Dom Foundation, the organizers will donate the amount of BGN 8,065. First among the children in the 400m were Boyan Gerasimov and Martina Petrova with a time of less than 2 minutes, and in the 2nd km – Ivena Radichkova and Velin Kabadzhov in 8 minutes. In the “big” run, the first in the women’s 5km and 10km were Tatiana Nenova (21:07) and Bilserin Suleiman (39:04), and in the men’s Ismail Ssenandji (15:22) and Vladislav Mihailov (34:19). The traditional awarding of the winners of all disciplines was followed by a raffle for all participants, from which the lucky ones left with a bicycle, a family visit to Disneyland, Paris and a week-long vacation in Antalya and the isle of Mauritius.

Finally, from the stage, Mr. Alexander Krings – Director of Corporate Communications at Dentaprime Dental Clinics, said that motivated by the great interest and great support from all participants, volunteers, sponsors and partners who participated in Dentaprime RUNCITY`22 in the name of the cause, the organizers will not only continue the tradition, but will upgrade and further develop it as an even larger project.

Thanks to Dentaprime for organizing and supporting Karin Dom!

Thanks to all young and old runners who joined the initiative!

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