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Students from Maritime High School – Varna, became Ambassadors of Good

12 May 2017

On May 11th, during the honoring of the brothers St. Kiril and Metodiy, the children of Karin Dom greeted little and big friends. Our guests were the children from kindergarten “Chaika”, group “Moryatche” and the students from Maritime High School – Varna, “St. Nikolai Chudotvorets”. The children from group Moryatche made us very happy with wonderful songs, great wishes and showed us how well they know all the letters of the alphabet. Together with their peers at Karin Dom, the children made the best and most fragrant letters. They used: cinnamon, spicy salt, dry spices, wool and cocoa to make each letter unique. The fun moved to the yard where the students from Maritime high School – Varna, created a joyful mood for the children with balloons and a art workshop.

The students from Maritime High School – Varna “St. Nikolai Chudotvorets” became Ambassadors of Good and under the guidance of the principle Mrs. Violeta Shishkova, Deputy Principal Diana Mohova and Tatyana Moustakova, along with teachers Anelia Shoileva Alexandrina Georgieva, Nelly Miteva and Ivilina Kuoseva, together they realized their “Sailors in the Name of Good”. At the Sea Garden of Varna, under the Pantheon, the youths became a part of Karin Dom’s cause alongside students, friends and citizens of Varna.

The students demonstrated how to make sea knots, throwing competition, puzzles and tried walking on stilts provided by Power Jump club. Both boys and girls were extremely fast in tying sea knots showing cleverness as well as knowledge on different vessels.



We are certain that in the future children and people with special needs will meet even more support and inclusion in all life aspects and the young Ambassadors of Good will grow to become socially engaged, tolerant professionals and people with big hearts.

Karin Dom’s project “Ambassadors of Good” is being realized with the financial support of America for Bulgaria Foundation and has the goal of motivating volunteering and philanthropy among students and young people, their activity and engaging with social causes. The realization of the project gives the participants opportunity to fulfill their own ideas, to make new friends, to gain valuable experience that will help them in the future. We believe that all who take part in the volunteering initiative of Karin Dom, “Ambassadors of Good”, will continue to pass the message of tolerance, kindness and acceptance of differences in our colorful world.

We want to thank our guests and all “Ambassadors of Good” who made the holiday unforgettable and filled with child laughter!


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