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Early intervention

11 November 2010

A round table discussion on Early intervention and Infant development took place at Karin dom Centre on the 11th of November. Specialists from Canada and Bulgaria, professionals from Karin Dom, representatives from the Varna Municipality, NGO-s, pediatricians from hospitals around Varna, and parents of children with special needs all participated the discussion.

Vesselina Vassileva, project coordinator at Karin Dom, presented The Early intervention Program based on the Canadian model which is to start in December at Karin Dom.

Judith Oldfield and Elizabeth Cox, infant development specialists from Canada introduced the model they work with in the Province of British Columbia, Canada.

In the third part of the discussion, participators raised questions about the holistic attitude towards health in families with children with soecial needs in Bulgaria and in Canada. 

All attendees seemed satisfied with their participation in the round table discussion and informal discussions continued about an hour after.

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