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Early Intervention program Training at Karin Dom

13 November 2010

Infant development specialists from Canada shared their experience with the professionals at Karin Dom. This happened at a 3-week seminar just before the Early intervention Program was to be launched in Karin Dom, in the beginning of December.

From October 25th to November 13th, the Karin Dom team had training on Early Intervention Program Development. It is a part of the project Early intervention for prevention of abandonment of children with disabilities.

The lecturers were Elizabeth Cox and Judith Oldfield, infant development consultants from the Province of British Columbia, Canada, with 30 years of experience.

The main topics of the seminars were: early intervention and the collaboration with the families; the family-centered approach to the families with children with special needs; typical and a-typical behavior of children, aged 0 to 4; and methods of status evaluations for children with special needs.

The trainings were supported by examples from daily work with families and enabled the professionals from Karin Dom to upgrade their knowledge about infant development.

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