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Training for Ukrainian Parents was Held in Karin Dom by the Clinical Psychologist Assoc. Prof. Sevdzhihan Eyubova, PhD

6 October 2022

On September 30, a training for parents from Ukraine was held in Karin Dom on the topic “Recognition of Traumatic Stress and Ways to Cope” by the clinical psychologist Assoc. Prof. Sevdzhihan Eyubova, PhD.

The training was organized to raise awareness on parents of the traumatic stress and the impact of trauma on child development and the well-being of families fleeing and experiencing war. The aim of the training was the acquisition of practical skills for socio-psychological support of children and parents who have survived war, which lead to an increase in parental capacity to recognize traumatic stress in children.

Major topics included the impact of traumatic events on parents and children and how trauma manifests in bodily, neurotic, and behavioral symptoms, as well as how and when a person becomes aware that a particular stressful event is traumatic for themselves or their child.

A projective drawing technique was used, which reveals the unconscious needs or emotions of a person.

In conclusion, various techniques for reducing tension in the body were discussed, and modern children’s books were presented that parents can use with their children to talk about difficult emotions. Assoc. Prof. Eyubova also recommended online resources to parents on the topic of self-regulation and the development of social-emotional skills from Ukrainian psychologist colleagues.

We sincerely thank Ukrainian Home Varna – Evgenia, Varvara, Polina, Ella and all the other volunteers for their assistance with translation during our meetings with Ukrainian families!

The project is realized thanks to funding provided by the BCause Foundation. The organization encourages people, organizations and communities to transform lives by advancing giving and social investment.

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