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Toys for explorers: The Garden

9 January 2014

The Garden
Suitable age: 12 months +

The Garden is an interesting variation of toys where children have to fit objects with different shapes in their places. The child can play by himself/herself but if you play together, you will have the opportunity of developing more skills.

Game Idea No1

Tell a short story about the little beetles who wanted to go to the garden to play or to escape from the big frog. Use your imagination and think of different stories.

Examine the elements, call the forms and colors by their names and praise the child each time when he or she learns a new word.

What will you achieve?

Play pretend will attract the child’s attention towards the toy and the story will help for enriching the child’s dictionary. Tell stories like that for each toy with which you are playing! Always talk about colors and forms so the child can get used to the concepts.

Game Idea No2

Start putting the beetles in the garden. If the child still doesn’t know how to play with the toy or is experiencing some difficulties, put your hand on top of the child’s hand and gently guide it at first. Take turns and turn the garden towards you when it is your turn, so the child can turn it towards himself/herself when it is his/her turn.

What will you achieve?

Putting the elements in their places helps for developing the hand-eye coordination and the planning of movements – the child sees the place where the element should be put, takes it and puts it right where it belongs.

The motions of grasping, letting go, turning the objects will be practiced. With this particular toy pulling can be practiced as well – the child can reach through the elastic band at the bottom of the garden and pull out the beetles.

Taking turns is also very important because the child will get used to wait for his/her turn and to share his/her toys – all important skills in the future play with other children. 

Welcome to our Toy Library

Come play with the Garden and with the other, over 160, specially selected toys.

Access to the library is free and all parents who are interested can visit us and play with their children every work day between 10 and 12 o’clock before noon and between 14 and 16o’clock in the afternoon.

The library is located in the yard of Karin Dom in the Sea Garden of Varna, near Pikadili Park.

For more information you can call +359 52 30 25 18 and ask for the Toy Library.

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