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Tax relief

The “Friends of Karin Dom” Asscoiation is registered in the Central register of non-profit corporate bodies in carrying out socially useful activity, which allows our donors, Bulgarian citizens and companies, to benefit from tax deductions when filling their annual tax return.

  • Individuals – 5%

Individuals (natural persons) may reduce up to 5 per cent of their tax base.

The total amount of tax relief for donations can not exceed 65 per cent of the amount of annual tax bases.

  • Companies and other legal persons – 10%

Legal persons registered in the Republic of Bulgaria may reduce up to 10 per cent of their accounting financial results.

It is important to note that the total amount of expenses for donations recognized for tax purposes cannot exceed 65 percent of the profit and the head of the company should not directly or indirectly benefit from the donation.

Required documents

If you want to take advantage of these benefits, please contact us by phone: +359 52 30 25 17 or email:, so we can prepare and send you the necessary documents for the donation you have made.