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Become a volunteer – Support a child

6 November 2020

Karin Dom Foundation has been supporting children with special needs and their families for 25 years.
But there are many children with special needs who do not have families
and social isolation during the global pandemic makes their daily lives even more difficult.

On the territory of the city of Varna there are 8 family-type accommodation centers in which children and young people with special needs live, supported by specialists. Karin Dom, in partnership with the Kahane Foundation, is launching a long-term initiative to form and train volunteer groups at each of the Accommodation Centers in order to involve and support children and professionals in these centers.

Due to the specific conditions of 2020, the volunteer groups will be engaged primarily in outdoor activities around the creation of Multisensory and vegetable gardens for the 8 centers in Varna.

Each volunteer can join the group by going through several steps:

  1. Fill in the online form —>
  2. Attendance at an information meeting
  3. Training for volunteers in November
    (given the situation in the country, it is possible that the information meeting and training will be conducted online)
  4. Provision of a package of documents containing the following:
  • criminal record certificate
  • declaration of health status in connection with Covid-19
  • declaration of respect for the rights of the child
  • volunteer code of ethics

The first meeting of the volunteers will be on November 17 at 18:00.
Additional information will be sent to all approved candidates by e-mail.
Apply by filling out the form HERE


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