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Thank you dear friends of Karin Dom!

8 July 2016

Thank you for the shared moments, for the real emotion and noble support during all the 20 years! We celebrated together so quickly passed years that brought us together with all of you – our children, parents, partners, sponsors, volunteers, supporters.

For these years together we have become Ambassadors of goodness, we’ve been working together for more children’s smiles, for the right to a decent life and a happy childhood for every child and adult with special needs.

Twenty years ago, Ivan Stancioff founds Karin Dom and makes dreams come true of many parents for a modern therapeutic Center in Varna. “When they ask me why I do this and what are my motives, I always think that this attitude to give selflessly to others brings up in the family and passes through generations. My grandmother did it, my mother did it, I do it. I believe that people are generous by nature and love to donate. But it’s all a matter of values. Any way to donate is good, there isn’t a small or big gesture” – share Ivan Stancioff.

For its 20 years Karin Dom supported 1876 children and their families, trained 4457 professionals and parents and over 300 outside organizations, we were able to integrate into mainstream kindergartens and schools more than 300 children, we were supported by over 500 volunteers from the country and abroad. Each year in the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration “Karin Dom” an average of 190 children have received therapy, and the “Center for Early Intervention” annually supports an average of 128 children, enjoying its services.

Our children took an active part in the holiday and delighted the guests with an entertainment program, folk songs, dances, musical greeting. The Theatre Ensemble “Phoenix”, whose creator Ivan Tsvetanov is a former graduate of Karin Dom, also participated in the celebration. Our special guests were children from the School for children with impaired sight, “Dr Ivan Shishmanov”, who loaded all with good mood and emotion.


We are happy that we shared this anniversary together with the great family of Stancioff. Here was Felicia Gepen – Karin’s sister, whose name bears the Karin Dom Foundation. Nadezhda Stancioff – sister of Ivan Stancioff, his daughter Feodora Stancioff, the son of Ivan Stancioff – Nicholas Stancioff, as well as many young members of the large family, who attended the celebration and showed their commitment to the activities and development of the organization. “The foundation of the Centre has a close relationship with our family. I had a first cousin Karin, who was born with cerebral palsy, but her condition did not prevent her from thinking about the fate of others in her situation. As a child I was very impressed with her, by her compassion, how she always thought of others. I can see her begging my aunt to take her to another sick child to donate something and it deeply touched me” – said Ivan Stancioff.


Thanks for the congratulatory address we received by: the President Rosen Plevneliev, Minister of education Mrs. Meglena Kuneva, Mr. Ivan Portnih – the Mayor of Varna municipality, Mrs. Eva Paunova – Member of the European Parliament, Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria, “Bulgarian Center for not-for-profit law”, Radio Varna, Directorate for social assistance – Varna, “Day care center for children with disabilities” – city of Svishtov, Mr. Gencho Genchev – Mayor of Svishtov, “Family Center – Maria”, Association”Phoenix 2009″ – Varna, Association for support of people with mental disabilities – Varna.

The “Early intervention” program of Karin Dom has been highly assessed by the President Rosen Plevneliev: “I believe that your work within the program “Early intervention” by providing psychological care, bringing up skills and motivating the parents deserves admiration. The fact that the municipality of Varna first in Bulgaria recognized the service as a municipal delegated activity is a clear acknowledgement for the quality of the results achieved.”

We thank all the guests, which supported the program “Early intervention”.  Starting from the launch of the program in 2010 by the end of 2015. Karin Dom had supported a total of 481 children. More about the program “Early Intervention”:

Thanks to all who supported the organizationof celebrations: complex Horizon, wedding agency “Pertito”, the team of Residence Euxinograde, Atelier for boutique cakes “L’amore”, “Wine cellar – Varna”, pizzerias chain “Godzilla”, Association Power jump, Hotel “Modus”, “Bezgluten Bulgaria”, “SG Expressbank”, Vocational High School of Tourism “Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov”, “Cooperator ” Ltd., “Top Print” Ltd.,”Korean Education Center” – Varna.

Thank you!

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