» The Introductory course “The Bobath Method for Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy” organized by Karin Dom has ended

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The Introductory course “The Bobath Method for Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy” organized by Karin Dom has ended

21 July 2016

The Belgium therapist and teacher, Patrick Algoet, led an intensive training of professionals on the topic of “The Bobath Method for Therapy for Children with Cerebral Palsy”. This is part of a series of courses, held by Karin Dom, that gives the specialists the opportunity to receive deeper knowledge on methods that lead to improvement in the condition of children with cerebral palsy. Patrick Algoet is a senior teacher on the Bobath Method in Belgium. He is a member of the Belgian “Bobath Association” and “The European Bobath Tutors Association”

The training was organized for physiotherapists, speech therapists, medical professionals. Over 3 days (July 11-13, 2016), the Belgium specialist led an interactive, practical course and introduced to the participants the Bobath concept, diagnostics and therapy of children with Cerebral Palsy, spastics, atheosis, the importance of communication, child development and play. The training was enriched with plenty of presentation materials, videos and practical sessions with children and participants. Patrick managed to keep the audience’s attention, to impress and intrigue them on important topics such as:

  • Child development from 0 to 3 years and how the child’s deficiency can be discovered as soon as possible by the specialist. Thus giving the opportunity for early rehabilitation that precedes the child’s improved development as well as acquiring more adaptive movements.
  • Team work between speech therapist, physiotherapist and child. Karin Dom is the first organization in Bulgaria that begins to use team work between therapists from different fields. This gives them the opportunity to gain vast knowledge and to go beyond the lines of their specialty.
  • Basic Bobath techniques and the specialist’s skill to analyze the child’s condition.
  • Diagnosis and distinguishing the various forms of CP as well as the level of disability.
  • Different positions and techniques, accurate positioning.
  • Techniques for hand work and the opportunity for the children to feel their own movement.

We want to thank Patrick Algoet for sharing his experience, his valuable practical advice and information on Cerebral Palsy. All professionals who had passed the introductory course can take part in the next “Basic Bobath” course that Karin Dom is planning to hold.


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