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Project Capacity building and empowerment of parents of children with special needs through introduction of innovative for Bulgaria human rights-based approach

Aim of the project:

The project will propose the introduction and adaptation of an innovative approach called Rights-based approach for the development of civic activity in Bulgaria, with special engagement of parents of children with special needs as representatives of vulnerable communities and active citizens. Translating and adapting Rights-based approach for Bulgaria is a tremendous step in recognizing families of children with special needs as an equal part of society and involving them in civic processes and policy making. This process will also lead to a positive change in the relationship, communication and interaction among the various actors in civil society. The RBA-based approach is based on human rights and is a conceptual framework for the human development process, which is based on international human rights standards and is aimed at promoting their protection. It is one of the main tools for implementing policies of a number of European and international institutions. Through the introduction of the approach that will be an analytical, large-scale and serious process, the project will enable to analyze the inequalities that underlie development issues as well as to limit and eliminate discriminatory practices that impede progress in development.


1. Translation, adaptation and approbation of a methodology for adapting the rights-based approach;
2. Training to Karin dom’s specialists and experts to disseminate the approach, train parents and other specialists, and make recommendations to local, regional and national institutions, as well as to develop a mechanism for presentation to institutions, NGOs, experts in the field of civic participation and mostly to empower families of children with special needs.
3. Training and workshops for parents to introduce the approach, to know how to use and apply it in their life.
4. Dissemination – round table in Varna and meetings with other organizations throughout the region.

The project will propose long-term measures for empowering them by introduction, translation and approbation of the approach in the work of civic organizations and the attitude and autonomy of the families.


● Changing public attitudes towards children with special needs and their families.
● Encouraging professionals, organizations and institutions outside Karin dom to implement this approach in their work
● Improving advocacy activities in terms of protecting rights of marginalized groups
● Encourage other organizations through training, support, supervision and tracking progress to apply the approach in their practice
● Create stronger family relationships to prevent tabs.
● Changing public attitudes towards children with disabilities and their families and their potential for development and meaningful life.

The project is funded by the International Women’s Club – Sofia, which annually  fundraise by organizing a Christmas Charity Bazaar, gather in one place the international diplomatic and business community for a truly exciting event. The bazaar welcomes artists from around the world to participate with their own handmade souvenirs, national culinary, clothing, literature, music, folklore, culture and traditions. Every year, the collected funds are donated for educational programs and to organizations engaged in social integration and support for vulnerable groups.


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Implementation period

june 2019-march 2020

Financed by

International Women’s Club - Sofia

Contact person

Darina Raykova
телефон: +359 52 302 518