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Today we introduce you … Lyubka – the person who always meets with a smile

29 January 2019

Working with children with special needs is not just a vocation. It requires more than an impressive sounding professional qualification or diploma proudly hanging on the wall. Behind the magic that the great family of Karin Dom does every day, there are many different hearts, souls and characters! They all dictate this magical place and enrich it in their own, unique way!

In order for you to look beyond the professionalism, we decided to introduce you to the members of Karin Dom’s team – the ordinary people who do everyday things unusual, armed with a smile, a mood and an unstoppable enthusiasm!

Today we present you … Lyubka Nikolova,

Secretary of Karin Dom and part of the team for … a whole decade!

Lyubka’s smiling face greets everyone crossing the door of Karin Dom. She joined the team ten years ago and quickly won the hearts of all who work here. Lyubka is in a constantly cheerful mood, possesses enormous patience and manages to transform almost instantaneously every manifestation of negative mood from the rest! Here’s what Lyubka shared:

What is the main factor for being here now and doing this?

– The factor is called “chance”! My coming here was a temporary solution that has become one of the best I’ve ever taken.

Your greatest pride for the time spent at Karin Dom is…

– I feel proud every time when I see the transformation of the parents and the faith they have in us.

You think the most important thing about working with kids is…

– The most important thing about working with children is the appropriate approach.

Who is your source of motivation?

– These have always been the children our specialists help.

A favourite aspect of your work at Karin Dom?

– Everything about work here is a pleasure.

Your most significant dream come true today…

– It’s not exactly a dream, but I’ve learned to work in a united team, which was extremely important to me.

Your recipe for dealing with difficult moments is…

– Patience! It is the key to solving many problems.

Your most memorable moment of work here is…

– Every holiday we celebrate with the kids here is a significant moment.

If you had unlimited power, what would you have changed in the world?

– I would teach everyone the right and adequate attitude towards children with special needs.

Level of satisfaction with your work here?

– The possible maximum! I love my work and I’m glad to be here.


The interview prepared: Martin Nikolaev

We thank Martin for the time spent together at Karin Dom for the preparation of this series with a presentation of our team! Martin has prepared interviews that we will periodically publish with great desire to get to know the everyday work of every member of Karin Dom team that has been running the organization for so many years to come. For many, the work in a non-governmental organization is, at the same time, an unknown and interesting challenge. We hope to answer many questions about how we work to protect the rights of children with special needs and their future in Bulgaria.

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