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Karin Dom is a Part in a Research Project on the Relationship Between Nutrition and Development in Children with Neurological Disabilities

23 June 2023

On 15 June Prof. Coen Hussentruit – paediatrician and gastroenterologist and Lut Skelp – speech therapist from Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel visited Karin Dom together with colleagues from Varna Medical University.

Prof. Hussentruit and Lute Skelp, together with our colleagues Nikoleta Yoncheva, Aneta Morfova and Prof. Dr. Ruzha Pancheva examined 4 children with different feeding difficulties. The team from Belgium demonstrated how to conduct screenings and gave guidance to families on how to improve their children’s nutrition by providing follow-up on their cases. Prof. Husentruit is an external consultant for the NutriLect project, in which Karin Dom is a partner at the invitation of the Varna Medical University. The NutriLect research group works to achieve scientific excellence in the fields of neurogenesis on the one hand, and nutrition and dietetics on the other, by creating opportunities and supporting the research activities of its members.

In this project, our study will involve 200 children with cerebral palsy and autism and 200 parents/caregivers who will be examined by physicians who are specialists in the field of nutrition, as well as a team of speech therapists and psychologists from Karin Dom. Prof. Hussentruit supported the project in many ways, one of which was the choice of protocol for the work. The primary goal of the research project is to examine and model the relationship between childhood nutrition, growth, and neurodevelopment in children with neurological disabilities.

For the first time in Bulgaria, we will have the opportunity to create a wonderful complete care for children with feeding problems that is positioned in one place.

There are many more things related to this project that we have yet to reveal to you. We look forward to the first babies being tested in the coming months, and their families receiving peace of mind and care from the team at the Medical University and Karin Dom.

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