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Trainings Based on the Cascade Training Manual Have Started with the Support of the Velux Foundations

7 June 2021

Karin Dom has launched a series of trainings based on the Cascade Training Manual for building a supportive, inclusive environment. This initiative is part of Karin Dom project funded by the Velux Foundations and aims to build a partner network. Our desire is to support motivated social and educational structures, to build a supportive, inclusive environment for all children with an emphasis on children with SEN, by participation in a cycle of training and cascade training for their teams.

The launching event was the presentation of the Handbook, which took place on May 18th and involved more than 100 participants. The audience was diverse – management and teaching staff from kindergartens across the country, including remote and rural areas, resource teachers, psychologists and speech therapists, as well as participants from Day Care Centers for Children with Disabilities, Regional Centers for Support of Inclusive Education, Centers for Special Educational Support, NGOs and private practitioners.

After the presentation of the Handbook, those wishing to participate in the cascade trainings for trainers had the opportunity to apply with a cover letter for the upcoming training cycle. The trainings will be conducted online. We have provided six topics that correspond to programs of the Karin Dom Foundation, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science. The trainings will include knowledge and skills for building a supportive, inclusive environment and working with children with SEN, as well as for developing trainer’s skills. Participants who have completed the training cycle will pass on what they have learned to their teams (teachers and support staff) through the so-called cascade training.

As a result of the selection, a diverse group of 25 specialists with creative ideas and talents was formed, which will have an informal space for sharing ideas and good learning practices. During the initial organizational webinar on June 3, the participants in the group shared their motivation and expectations and received their first tasks. They introduced themselves and their organization within 30 seconds and took on an unusual role. We have set the basic rules for working in the group and what lies ahead until the end of the training cycle, which will continue until the spring of 2022.

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