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Karin Dom to Purchase Necessary Air Conditioning Equipment Thanks to the Social Protection Fund

Thanks to the Social Protection Fund of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Karin Dom launched the project: “Equipping rooms with the necessary suitable air-conditioning equipment for the provision of social and educational services for children with special needs and their families”

Project objective:

Equipping with air conditioners of therapeutic rooms for individual and group therapeutic and social work with children with special needs aged 0-8 years and their families.

In September 2022, Karin Dom Foundation officially opened a new building – a complex for social, health and educational services for children. Thanks to the support of donors, partners, institutions, projects and programs, our team was able to equip and furnish the building so that it can offer families an innovative, modern, functional and adapted environment. At the moment, none of the premises where social services are provided have air conditioners installed, which would create an inconvenience when providing social services during the summer and transitional seasons, as the building has large windows and on warm days work indoors is a challenge.

The presence of air conditioners in the work premises will contribute not only to suitable temperatures for work, but also to better air quality, the presence of fewer insects and parasites, greater efficiency of the staff, protection of the rest of the equipment from dampness and mold, protecting the equipment from overheating, etc.

19 rooms for working with children and families will be equipped: physiotherapy, trampoline therapy, occupational therapy, a multisensory room, 4 rooms for individual therapeutic work, 2 rooms for Montessori group classes, a Montessori demonstration kitchen, art therapy, music therapy, a room for children’s rest, a room for a baby bath, diagnostics, auxiliary visits, a room for the Malki + group (for children with communication disorders) and a room for the Rainbow group (for children with autism spectrum disorders). These premises will provide social and educational services for children with special needs aged 2-8 and their families, and this will also allow joint socialization activities.

Implementation period

May-August 2023

Financed by

Social Protection Fund at the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

Contact person

Darina Raykova
телефон: +359 52 302 518