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International Black Sea Day at Karin Dom

31 October 2018

On October 31, together with the children in Karin Dom, we celebrated the International Black Sea Day by telling about the biodiversity in our sea and the species of fish that inhabit it. The children took part in games and entertainment to understand how we can all care for nature.

Playing and sharing their most entertaining sea adventures and sweet memories on the beach, the children have created a beautiful educational map on which they have attached their favourite Black Sea fish. Together with our experienced pedagogues, we have identified the most dangerous pollutants of our sea and what we have to do to protect it.

During the last decade of the last century, scientists have found that the Black Sea has almost lost its ability to recover from the pollution that people are causing. The Strategic Action Plan, signed by the six countries that have access to the Black Sea – Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine – was adopted on 31 October 1996 because of the danger of irreversible consequences for the Black Sea ecosystem. This outlines the framework for cooperation on the status and future of the Black Sea and the region, and today is a symbol of our concern to protect the cleanliness of the sea and the beaches and to preserve biodiversity.

Each one of us can help protect the Black Sea by not polluting the beaches, throwing plastic bags, pouring fats and dangerous chemicals into the sewers and saving water. We hope that our little children will not forget today’s lessons and will grow up as people who know how to care and love nature.

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