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Karin Dom launches an online store to support children’s therapies

1 November 2018

Dear friends,

We want to share one of our ideas that we have been preparing for a long time and through which we will try to be even closer to all of you who support us and understand the need for children with special needs to receive the best possible therapy to have their own complete life in Bulgaria. That’s why we decided to launch an ONLINE STORE.

We called our project – Family Shop “Messengers of Good” because we believe in the good and in all of you who support us and that together we can change the fate of many children and families.

Become also Ambassador of good!!! Check out the suggestions in our online shop HERE.

We will strive to offer you not just products, but ideas for the upbringing and raising children, for full family moments, for entertainment and home-like cosiness. Of course, we will also offer exquisite suggestions for ladies, as well as themed festive proposals. We have not forgotten the companies that can also find attractive offers for their partners and employees.

It’s important to know that in the making of many of our products are included families with whom we work in Karin Dom, volunteers, our friends, designers, photographers and artists in various fields.

We work on several product lines – for professionals, for children and parents, and a product line with gifts for your loved ones that we will gradually develop and enrich. In the shop, you can also view Montessori materials from a licensed manufacturer, to which Karin Dom is a representative.

At the store, we will present you with attractive design items. We also have the option to get your order at the address you specify, but you can also get your order from Karin dom without additional transportation cost.

All proceeds from sales of the online store of Karin Dom are in support of our therapeutic activities.

Become also Ambassador of good!!! Check out our suggestions HERE.

It matters where you’re shopping. Choose quality things made with sense. Just like what’s in the “Family Store”.

We also want to share that Karin Dom’s family’s “Messengers of Good” store has been launched thanks to our cooperation with an innovative Bulgarian company – Titan Gate.

We thank them for this important support at the right time! We thank them for believing in our initiative and as a serious business organization, they did not remain indifferent to our idea and desire to launch this new activity for us!

Expect more new products for your family and friends from the “Family Store” of Karin Dom!

Photos: Ventsislava Nestorov

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