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Christmas celebration of the children in Karin Dom

3 December 2018

Winter, snowflakes, snow and sea, music … We are going to tell you how on a cold December day, just before Christmas, on the beach a little girl goes on a journey to find her new friends …

Dear parents, friends, donors and volunteers with great excitement and joy, we invite you all to the Christmas celebration of the children who visit Karin Dom.

You are welcomed on December 15 to have fun together and meet the most-awaited guest – Santa and his lovely Snow White! We are expecting you at 12:00 at the Youth centre “Orbita”.

After the celebration, we will all have the opportunity to enjoy the delicious homemade temptations from the parents of the children who will join our culinary contest. You will also be able to view and choose the Christmas cards and calendars from Karin dom, as well as the products that we offer at our online store.

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We are expecting you ❤️

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