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Karin Dom celebrated its 21st birthday

10 July 2017

On July 8, Karin Dom celebrated its 21st birthday with a wonderful celebration and many guests. On the occasion of the anniversary, children together with their therapists presented an artistic program and rejoiced everyone with an exciting train trip around the world in search of friendship. The celebration excites both the children and all our parents, guests and our whole team. The children performed brilliantly and lit the audience with their beautiful smiles on the stage.

On the day of the celebration, Karin Dom also opened the first of its kind museum dedicated to charity and philanthropy – “Ambassadors of Goodness”. The exposition provokes all the citizens of Varna, as well as the guests of the city to make a trip in time and to get acquainted with distinguished Bulgarians who have left a trace of their noble works.

Combined with the beautiful garden, the exposition represents an interesting destination for student groups as well as for all citizens and guests of Varna, tempted by the history and the power of the good deeds.

The official opening was attended by Mr. Kosta Basitov – Deputy Mayor of Varna Municipality and Mr. Lenko Lenkov – Program Director “Civil Society and Democratic Institutions” of the “America for Bulgaria” Foundation.

“The mission of the museum is to recall that the Bulgarians are not only very talented, but also with good hearts, ready to support the important causes in society and we must not forget to show this to the next generations. The point of the good is to be passed on by all of us because we can all be ambassadors of the good, “said Mariana Nikolova, CEO of Karin Dom.

The Hall pays special attention to the Varna trail in support of one of the most vulnerable groups, such as children with special needs. That part of the history of the town is told through the life and work of Ivan Stanchov – the founder of Karin Dom. The museum will reveal little-known facts about Stanchov’s family history and their example in how charity and love for people are being brought up by the family.

The project was realized with the support of America for Bulgaria Foundation and the aim of the Karin Dom team is the Ambassadors of Good Museum to become a mandatory stop for all who want to convey the message for more kindness and empathy.

The exposition offers an educational alternative for the schools that want to make a different lesson of history and empathy, as well as for the guests of Varna who are looking not only for recreation among the beautiful scenery, but also want to immerse themselves in the rich history of the city.

The “Ambassadors of Good” Museum is open for group visits after a wire request: 052/302 518. Entrance is against a voluntary donation that will be used to support the work of Karin Dom. 


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