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Karin Dom Announces a Vacancy for a Psychologist

8 March 2022

Join our team!

We seek to expand our team of good professionals, we appreciate enthusiasm and strive for achievement, ethical attitude and teamwork. We invest in our team by providing internal qualification, training and development opportunities. The ideal candidate for us has high morals and values, is dynamic, motivated, tolerant and supporting to the cause of Karin Dom to work for the welfare of children.

Karin Dom Foundation is looking to expand its team with a Psychologist


  • Works with children with special educational needs – individual and group therapy, team examinations and consultations. Plans and reports on a daily basis individual and group work and the frequency of children’s visits. Participates in the preparation of individual plans and programs, current assessments, team opinions, outgoing assessments and documentation of children.
  • Selects appropriate methods and tools for impact and therapy. Conducts individual and group therapeutic and educational work with children with physical problems and mental disabilities, speech disorders, sensory problems, behavioral problems, hyperactive behavior and autism, multiple disabilities. Uses in his work psychological and pedagogical teaching methods. Participates in the implementation of the individual programs of children developed by the team. Fills in forms in individual files, monthly reports.
  • Participates in the process of inclusive education of children in general and special kindergartens and schools. Involved in planned meetings with parents and relatives of the children.
  • Participates in the activities of the Foundation as a resource center and training center – seminars, practical classes for parents, professionals, students, volunteers, social workers and others.
  • Works in a team to fulfill the goals of the organization. Prepares monthly reports on performed activities. Maintains and improves his/her professional qualification by participating in qualifications, trainings, seminars, projects, etc.
  • In his/her work performs:
  1. conducting a psychological interview and problem assessment; assessment of resources and deficits of the individual; case formulation;
  2. preparation of a plan for psychological examination;
  3. monitoring and analyzing of behavioral patterns;
  4. assessment of basic psychological functions; assessment of general intelligence level;
  5. personality examination based on screening questionnaires;
  6. establishment of a therapeutic relationship with the patient and providing psychological support;
  7. works with specialized psychometric methods (tests) for assessment of cognitive processes.


  • Education: higher – with a Bachelors / Masters degree in “Psychology”, “Child and Adolescent Psychology”, “Clinical Psychology”.
  • Over 2 years of experience in working with children and their families
  • General knowledge of medical, social, educational aspects of disabilities;
  • Experience in a non-governmental organization or in the field of social sciences;


  • excellent communication skills and teamwork
  • work with children and families
  • ability to diagnose mental states and mental processes
  • psychological examination and psychological work, help and support of children, individuals and groups
  • ability to build trusting relationships with customers;
  • team work;
  • to adequately read and respond to the various emotional states of customers;
  • very good writing skills;
  • very good computer skills (Microsoft Office, Internet);
  • professional ethics and confidentiality


  • responsibility
  • patience
  • communication skills;
  • empathy;
  • analytical skills and ability to make decisions;
  • emotional intelligence;
  • initiative;
  • flexibility;
  • readiness to work in a dynamic environment;
  • non-discriminatory attitude;
  • good working time management;


  • Knowledge of institutions, services and NGOs in the community and the country;
  • Proficiency in English at work level;


  • Motivating and dynamic work environment;
  • Development in the field of NGOs and work with a cause;
  • Participation in trainings, team building, events of the organization;
  • Full-time employment contract;
  • Motivated team and friendly work environment.
  • Temporary substitute position until the return of the incumbent.


If this opportunity is of interest to you and you want to apply:

First stage: Please send your CV in Bulgarian in European format with an up-to-date photo, as well as a short motivation letter by March 20, 2022 to e-mail:

Second stage: Interview with shortlisted candidates.

About the Karin Dom Foundation

Karin Dom Foundation is a non-governmental organization, which started its work as a Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration of Children with Special Needs in 1996. Karin Dom’s mission is to support the inclusion and integration of children with special needs and their families through professional services, support and raising public awareness. The team of specialists of Karin Dom consists of 55 people and annually supports over 300 children and families from Varna and the country. The main activities are therapy and rehabilitation, early intervention and integration, training and advocacy, we encourage volunteering. At the beginning of 2021 Karin Dom has launched its long-term project – construction of a new building for a therapeutic and training center. Karin Dom’s plans are to finalize the construction this year and to completely relocate the organization’s activities.

Through this long-term investment, Karin Dom aims to:

  • Create an environment for early childhood development that supports more children and families;
  • Provide comprehensive services for children with special needs and their families to support their successful inclusion;
  • Create a learning space for children, parents, students and professionals;
  • Establish a center for knowledge sharing and research;
  • Design a venue for events and campaigns.

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