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Meet Karin – a Doll with Special Needs and Her Elephant!

13 July 2021

Dear friends,

We present Karin and her Elephant. The two dolls have a symbolic and emotional significance for the history of Karin Dom and the origin of the name of the organization. The doll was created by Karin Dom’s team with the help of Marty’s Heaven and Little Men and is a prototype of a very real historical figure. Karin is a cousin of the founder of Karin Dom – Ivan Stanchov, who had cerebral palsy. Karin was an inspiring person, a very combative and curious child with a big heart. And the elephants were her great passion. Her collection of elephants from all travels is still in Karin’s home and continues to remind us of a brave child who, despite cerebral palsy, was indomitable. Her life and compassion for everyone in need inspired Ivan Stanchov to create the Karin Dom Foundation, an organization in support of special children, 25 years ago.

The toys can be purchased from Karin Dom’s Family Online Store. By shopping from our store, you help us implement therapeutic programs and campaigns.

On our 25th anniversary, Karin Dom decided to make the two toys – Karin – a doll with special needs and Elephant as a sign of empathy for children with special needs and a way to understand and accept the differences of their peers.

Children learn through play and communication with adults, which is why we decided that our toys will stimulate conversation between parents and children on the topic of special children, and play can be a great way to share and accept.

During the children’s birthday party at Karin Dom, the children received Karin or her Elephant as a gift. We are very happy that both toys grabbed children’s interest and very quickly settled in the hearts and arms of children.

Play with the child and share the good moments of childhood! Children perceive the world with different eyes – wide open to life and its diversity. Or we adults can learn more from them about the special abilities of different children.

Thanks to Marti’s Heaven for supporting the design and construction!

Photographer: Gergana Encheva

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