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The New Therapeutic Center of Karin Dom Will Have a Modern Multisensory Hall

13 July 2021

We have a lot to share lately, and we are glad that we can make you happy with more good news in connection with the new therapeutic center, which Karin Dom has started to build in Varna. As you know, one of the great advantages of the building is its versatility and more opportunities for therapy of children.

To our great joy, Cargill Bulgaria gave us a hand for the full equipment of the Multisensory Hall in the new therapeutic center of Karin Dom. The company is our long-term partner, who has repeatedly supported therapeutic programs and initiatives of Karin Dom.

The hall will be 31m2 and will fully meet all modern practices for working in such an environment. We thank Cargill Bulgaria, who without hesitation responded and shared our desire for children with special needs to receive opportunities for therapy aimed at tactile, vestibular and sensory stimulation to overcome sensorimotor disorders! The problem of sensory deficits and the integration of the senses is extremely important for the overall development of the child, for his activity, initiative, successful social inclusion and education!

The therapy in such a hall is widely used in children with various conditions – with autism spectrum disorders, hyperactivity and attention deficit, mental retardation, specific learning difficulties, children with genetic aberrations, cerebral palsy, visual or multiple disabilities, children in awake coma, premature babies and other diagnoses and conditions. Classes are held individually or in groups of 4-8 children and the number and frequency of sessions is determined by the needs of children.

In early childhood, sensory perceptions are extremely important for the overall development of each child. Often children with special needs do not naturally receive the necessary sensations, which usually reflects on their development and subsequently leads to problems in behavior, communication, learning and more.

The multisensory room is a safe, pre-prepared environment in which, in a way that is pleasant for the child and through play, one can work to gain the appropriate experience, to expand interest in the world around, to develop skills and normalize mental state. With additional sensory effects, we aim to help children mature in the central nervous system.

As early as 2008, Karin Dom was equipped with one of the first multisensory rooms for therapy of children with special needs in Bulgaria, which provides opportunities for stimulation of all senses to meet the needs of children for additional sensory stimulation. Encouraged by the results we have achieved over the years, we decided to transfer this method of therapy to the new building of Karin Dom. Working in a multisensory environment is also a challenge for any therapist. Therefore, all specialists working in Karin Dom pass additional qualifications for work in a multisensory environment.

Find out more about the project for a new therapeutic center at Karin Dom and how you can become a partner!

We thank Cargill Bulgaria for the friendship and trust!


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Строим новия терапевтичен и образователен комплекс във Варна

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