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Presentation of the project “Communicate together”

7 March 2019

Dear parents,

Karin Dom Foundation and ELIA Foundation invite you to a meeting to present the project “Communicate Together” in Varna on 20.03.2019 at 09:30 until 12: 00h in the Karin Dom, conference hall, floor 3.

  • Vesselina and Stanislav Stoyanovi, founders of the ELIA Foundation, will share their experience in the use of visual aids and mobile applications for autistic children.
  • A discussion will be held with parents and specialists working with children with autism spectrum disorders, a pre-introduction to the “Communicate together” project and details on how to get involved.
  • ELIA Foundation and supporters have an idea to produce 100 folders with children’s autistic communication materials and other communication problems and to donate to 100 families who wants to introduce them into their daily lives.

Photo: ELIA Foundation


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