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Family-centered approach to early childhood intervention – from local practice to national policy

The project aims to spread the practice of Karin Dom in providing early childhood intervention services among child care service providers, local and state institutions, and other stakeholders. It focuses on the adoption and integration of the family-centered model by social service providers, as well as increasing the capacity and expertise of specialists.

The project is aimed at the following user groups – community centers and newly established early intervention centers, day care centers, NGOs, specialists, parents and representatives of Bulgarian institutions, local and state government.

Project activities

Development of training modules on providing early intervention services for children aged 0 to 3. Translation and development of information materials. Creation of a handbook on how to provide family-centered early intervention mobile services;

Conducting trainings on early intervention related topics and presenting the experience Karin dom has gathered through practice. Promoting the family-centered approach in early intervention services through presentations and discussions in other regions in Bulgaria;

Further development of the early intervention services offered by Karin dom and a system for supervisions. Developing the “Contact a Parent” group.

Desired results

Enhanced skills and knowledge of experts in the application of family-centered approach in early intervention services; promoting the early intervention services and the advantages of the family-centered approach among social service providers and representatives of the local and state government; further improvement of the quality of early intervention services.

Implementation period

September 2012 – August 2014

Financed by

The Open Society Foundations' Early Childhood Program - London

Contact person

Veselina Vassileva
телефон: + 359 (0) 52 302 517