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Training Packages for Specialists – Two Webinars for the Price of One. Emotional Intelligence in Children and Supportive Educational Environment

21 May 2020

Dear colleagues,

We are launching Online Training Packages 1+ for specialists. The package will give you the opportunity to participate in two webinars at Karin Dom for the price of one! The price of the package is BGN 35.

The package is suitable for: teachers from general education kindergartens and schools /primary course/, special educational support centers, specialists working with children with special needs.

The online package includes the topics:

“Emotional Intelligence in Children – How and When to Develop It” – 29.05 from 15 to 18.00.

Moderators: psychologists Virginia Vasileva and Dimana Miteva

Document: a certificate

Focus of the first webinar: Why is emotional intelligence important? How to develop it in children? When and how to start? We will try to answer these questions during this webinar. We consider the topic of emotional literacy in children as a key element for achieving good emotional intelligence in adulthood. The emotional literacy of children and students is an important prerequisite for conflict-free dispute resolution in children groups and promotes a calm learning environment. It plays an essential role in building a conscious, motivated and wholesome personality. In the webinar we will present basic theoretical statements and practical ideas for working in individual and group environments.

+ Free webinar: “Creating Supportive Educational Environment for Children and Students with Special Needs. Structuring and Visualization of the Environment”, on 05.06 from 10.00 to 13.00 with the possibility of upgrading with face-to-face training in the Ministry of Education and Science and obtaining a certificate and qualification credits. The program was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science by order № RD09-414/22.01.2017 of the Minister of Education and Science.

Moderators: Zvezdelina Atanasova, Master of Special Pedagogy, Speech Therapy and Andreas Andreu, Kinesitherapist. The free webinar is part of a project funded by the Velux Foundations.

Focus of the second webinar: During the online session we will discuss how good practices should offer a challenging and inclusive learning environment so that inclusion (participation) in school, leisure and society as a whole is possible for all children and students. We will discuss how “usual” things can be used as much as possible (teaching materials, technical aids, toys, furniture, etc.), as well as what aids and adaptations are needed depending on the needs of children and students. We will offer ideas and materials for visualization and structuring of the environment, we will talk about the specifics of individual job placements of children with special educational needs. We will share cases from our practice.

You can register HERE!

Participation fee: BGN 35

Deadline for registration and payment: May 27, 2020

Method: the registered participants will receive links for the online trainings in ZOOM for the two webinars after paying the fee of BGN 35.

The fee is paid by a bank transfer to the following account in DSK Bank AD, Account holder: Karin Dom EOOD

IBAN: BG37STSA93001528452286


Grounds for payment: Webinar 29.05, name of the participant (or name of the organization)

If you need an invoice for the payment, please email, indicating the topic, your invoice details and the number of participants.


Magdalena Tsoneva – Training and Development Specialist

Phone: 0878 302 517


You will receive a link for a video meeting in ZOOM for each of the webinars.

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