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In September Domino’s Supported Karin Dom by Offering Its Customers Pizza with a Cause

6 October 2021

In September Domino’s Pizza Bulgaria supported Karin Dom by donating BGN 2 for every “Ranchera” pizza ordered. The amount will be used for the purchase of equipment for Karin Dom’s new building.

The pizza with a cause Karin Dom collected BGN 13,810 in just one month.

6905 Ranchera pizzas were ordered in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna!

The amount will support the equipment of the new building of Karin Dom and will purchase furniture and equipment for our children’s demonstration kitchen.

The room has an area of ​​22 square meters and will be used to train children in everyday activities, such as washing, cutting, setting the table, serving, using kitchen appliances, making sandwiches, cake, etc., eating. The equipment consists of a sink, 2 hotplates, an oven, a hood, cupboards for dishes, tables and chairs for 12 children, a refrigerator. It is mainly used for group activities. We have and actively use a similar kitchen in the current building, and the children are included in the so-called “Mom and Dad’s Helpers” activities.

About Karin Dom’s new therapeutic and training center:

At the beginning of the year, Karin Dom started its long-term project – construction of a new building for a therapeutic and training center. Our plans are for the construction to be finalized and next year the activity to be completely moved. Karin Dom aims to create an extremely functional space for the therapy of children with special needs and a modern training center supporting specialists.

The total area of ​​the building is 2,850 square meters and consists of one underground level for garage and storage, three above-ground levels and a roof terrace. The building combines a variety of functions: physiotherapy and hydrotherapy, an early intervention center, a Montessori center and children’s demonstration kitchen, a toy library, diagnostic rooms, individual and group therapy, a sensory room, a medical center, training rooms, an administrative area, a courtyard with two children’s playgrounds.

Thank you for this wonderful initiative of the pizzeria with a big heart – Dominos!

We also thank everyone who ordered this exact pizza in September!

Строим новия терапевтичен и образователен комплекс във Варна

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