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Piloting Services for Children and Families

7 October 2021
From 20th of September 2021 we started the activity Piloting services for children and families under the project “Transfer of Practices to Improve Support for Children with Special Needs and Their Families for Inclusive Education”. The aim of the activity is to apply the experience of Iceland in terms of inclusive education, which we have reflected in detail in the Comparative analysis and a number of developed methods and guidelines.
Activities such as:
    • Group activities in the Montessori environment
    • Individual work with psychologist, musical therapist, and speech therapist
    • “Movement” group gymnastic lead by a kinesitherapist
    • Work with parents

will be conducted to support the transition and adaptation in nursery/kindergarten/school. In “Rache-Parvolache”, as we call the group that works with children aged 5-6 for a smooth transition to school, we will work to develop cognitive skills, to better concentration, improve fine motor skills and coordination, development of graphic skills, as well as for proper three-finger grip.

“Movement” group will work with children aged 3-7 and will develop motor skills through physical exercises. The specialist will work with children also for coordination and balance and visual-spatial orientation as well as will teach children to work in a group. This will help their easier inclusion and adaptation in physical education and sports classes in kindergartens and schools.

The individual work will consider the individual capabilities, needs, and requirements of the child and will work to improve the skills needed for inclusion in the education system. Within the project activity, we will work actively with parents, teachers, pedagogues, medical and other specialists, directors of kindergartens and schools, and others to improve intersectoral cooperation in the direction of a smooth transition and preparation for an inclusive environment.
Activities are implemented within the “Transfer of practices to improve the support
for children with special needs and their families towards inclusive education”
project of Karin dom Foundation, funded by Active Citizens Fund Bulgaria,
European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2014-2021

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