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Families of children with disabilities face special problems.

Reasons that lead to the difficult situation are extreme physical as well as psychological strains, financial limitations, limited mobility, extreme daily work load and challenges on the job market.
An increased divorce rate is the result.
There are no clear statistical data available, but the project partners estimate a divorce rate between 60 to 75%. This is more than the average divorce rate. The loss of one part of the family as a reference person puts a considerable amount of stress and pressure on every family especially on families with disabled children.

The main goal of “disVorced” is to stimulate and initiate a VET concept and programme

  • for social workers working with disabled children and
  • family counselors working with families in divorce situations.

The main objectives will be the

  • comparison of VET approaches and concepts in this field on an European level
  • collection of best practices examples from all over Europe
  • exchange of experiences within the partnership
  • set-up of an sustainable informal learning and know-how exchange network in this specific field of professional social work.

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