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Autism: Dr. F. Balzola in Varna

11 March 2011

Renowned specialist and gastroenterologist, Dr. Federico Balzola will be in Varna, April 8th and 9th, at the invitation of Karin Dom Foundation, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute, Sofia.

The two-day program includes a visit to Karin Dom and consultation to families with children with autistic spectrum disorders.

On April 9th, Dr. Balzola will make a presentation – the theme is “Autism: Study, therapeutic strategy, and release of bias”, followed by questions and discussions with the audience. *

* There are no more avalable places for this event.

The work of Dr. F. Balzola, concerns a modern, progressive study of the possible causes of autism, due to the pathogenic agents, situated in the gastrointestinal system. The doctor has developed a special diet that will be provided to the public and will be offered to patients, which will be meeting in Varna.

Although he maintains his active work in the field of Hepatology, Dr. Balzola guided the development of several projects on the study and treatment of autistic enterocolitis in Italy.

 The visit of Dr. Baldzola in Varna was organized by the Karin Dom Foundation in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute – Sofia, Buongiorno Coffee, and  Golden Tulip hotel.

Golden Tulip Varna, Italian Cultural Institute - Sofia, Buongiorno Coffee

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