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Letter from Deputy Minister of Education

1 March 2011

Karin Dom Foundation received an official letter from Mrs Milena Damyanova, Deputy Minister of Education, Youth, and Science. The letter expresses the position of the Ministry, in regards to the activities and good practices of Karin Dom in the context of inclusive education.


Deputy Minister of Education, Youth, and Science

No 1105-37, 22-02-2011

To Mrs. Mariana Nikolova, Executive Director of Karin Dom Foundation

Dear Mrs. Nikolova,

In response to your invitation, Mrs. Anet Marinova, consultant at the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Science, visited Karin Dom Foundation during the period of December 7th to 8th, 2010. Mrs. Marinova held meetings and took part in two events organized by your team.

The activities the Foundation performs, to educate children with special educational needs, are based on professional background and represent a highly effective practice of regulated and coordinated, child and family care. Karin Dom Foundation is one of the places for inclusive education where parents, teachers, and everyone who works with children with disabilities can receive a high-quality training.

The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Science congratulates your efforts to develop activities related to inclusive education.

Deputy Minister of Education,Youth, and Science


Please, see the original document in Bulgarian

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