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Welcome to the Biggest Family Painting in Karin Dom on September 17th!

8 September 2021

Karin Dom and Arte Klass – Varna are organizing an unforgettable experience for children and their parents outdoors❤🌈🏆 Shortly after the start of the school year, on September 17 from 16:00 to 19:00, we are awaiting you in the garden of Karin Dom, to make the greatest family drawing!

You can join:

In family “Arte class” on canvases with acrylic and water paints. We will paint our special doll Karin and her friend Sloncho:

📍The painting lasts 1 hour;

📍To make sure you have a reserved place, please write to Arte class specifying how many children / families you would like to reserve a place for, a selected picture (Karin, Sloncho or both together) and a chosen time (16:00, 17:00) or 18:00) on Facebook at @arteclassvarna or on Viber / WhatsApp 088 749 3224.

📍Participation in the Children’s Arte Class is BGN 20 per family (including materials, paints, canvas, one-time palette), and for children who use the services of Karin Dom – BGN 12.

📍Suitable for children over 7 years. with the help of a parent or on their own.

📍We will paint – an inspiring person who was also a child and very combative, curious and with a big heart – Karin, after whom our therapeutic center is named. And the elephant is her best friend.

Christmas card studio:

Together with Arte class we invite you to join our studio completely free of charge:

📍The drawings will be included in the Christmas card competition of Karin Dom – “My Christmas”.

📍 From the Christmas cards provided for the competition, the winners will be selected, who will participate in the charity Christmas campaign of Karin Dom. The cards selected for participation will be offered for charity, and the name and age of the artist will be written on the card itself.

📍We have prepared a gift and a Certificate for participation in the competition for the winners.

The multisensory garden of Karin Dom:

📍Apart from our interesting artistic activities, you will be able to participate in an organized visit to:

Our multisensory garden from 16:00 and from 17:00. To reserve a place for your child, please write to for what time and for how many children you want to make a reservation. The visit is free, but we will be happy to make a donation of your choice.

❤🥤We will offer you the products from the Family Shop of Karin Dom and lemonade with a cause.

🌈All activities are suitable for children with special educational needs.

‼ To make the holiday exciting and safe, we ask you to comply with epidemiological measures. Please do not congregate and keep a distance of 2m. between the painters. After the drawing class is over, the area should be cleared for the next group. Places are limited and subject to restrictions. When the capacity is full, we will stop the reservations.

❤ Incomes from the event will be in support of the new Karin Dom Therapy Center ❤

Let’s start the school year with a smile 🙂

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We will invite children and parents from the kindergartens in Varna to the big family drawing, with whom we will start work on the project “A place for every child”, funded by the Kahane Foundation. At the event we will draw and have fun together, aiming for continuity and building a host community.

We are expecting you!

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