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Today Karin Dom celebrates the graduation of 13 little pupils! We wish them success and many new friends!

28 July 2016

With tears in our eyes, but with joy in our hearts, today the entire team of Karin Dom celebrated the graduation of 13 little pupils. Our Tisho, Sammy, Denis, Andrea, Bojko, Kathy Alexander, Danny, Teddy, Vladi, Deya, Valery and Regina, take on their new challenge. They Will soon meet their new teachers and friends and will hear the school bell. For the last time today in Karin Dom’s garden we sang our favorite songs, we played and danced together under the “rainbow”.

Always with great excitement we send our young graduates, because we know that they have beautiful new horizons to explore and have fulfilled one of the biggest dreams of their parents and our team – to be together with their peers.

To our great joy 9 children will attend mainstream schools and 4 will attend special schools.

In hers address to children, parents, team and all the guests, Jeni Sapundjieva, Director of “Services for children and families,” thanked the children for their efforts, and the parents for their great trust and faith in our specialists. She wished all good health, strength and to keep coping successfully with the challenges. To make new friends and to turn their dreams in reality!

We will always be with you, happy with your successes, and glad to see you again – grown up and confident.

Good luck!

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