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Karin Dom held a training of the team of the Center for family-type accommodation in the city of Dobrich at the invitation of the Lumos Foundation

25 July 2016

Of the 18th and 19th July we conducted another practical training of the team of the Center for family-type accommodation at the invitation and with the support of the Lumos Foundation, whose professionals participated and contributed actively to the trainings.

The specialists of the training team of Karin Dom – Zvezdelina Atanasova (the Director of the Centre for vocational training and Methodist of the Rehabilitation Center at Karin Dom) and Andreas Andreou (Kinesiotherapists), made therapeutic sessions with all the children accommodated in the Centre, with complex and intensive support needs. The staff of the Centre was trained how to properly position the children at meals, play and sleep, and use the available assistive devices. They were made specific materials for games and activities, with which children can play alone or with minimal assistance. It was shown how children can communicate with each other and play in parallel.

As a result of the change in positioning and game activities, children have become more active and showed their best smiles. There will be other forthcoming meetings with the staff of the Centre, who has a strong personal motivation and desire to improve childcare.

The recommendation, which we have repeatedly submitted to the Ministry of labour and social policy, is that for these family-type centers, where there are children with extremely serious conditions, it is vital to have a physical therapist in order to improve the quality of life of children.

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