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174 Projects Will Compete in the Architectural Competition for the New Karin Dom Building

25 February 2020

Dear friends, 174 is already a special number for us, because this is the final number of projects received from the architectural design competition for a new Karin Dom building!

174 is the total number of the projects submitted for the architecture competition for a new Karin Dom’s building from a total of 48 countries. The participants are from Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Australia. There is a great variety of teams and projects. The largest number of participants is from Bulgaria – 55; 10 projects have been received from the USA and China; from India – 9; from Iran – 7; from Spain – 6; from Egypt, Poland, Russia and Japan – 5 projects each; from Germany, UK and Turkey 4 projects each, and from many other countries.

All projects are currently being reviewed and their anonymity is being prepared so that the jury could access them objectively. The work of the jury that will evaluate all the projects will take place in the period February 29 – March 3.

We will announce the results officially on March 4th at a press conference.

We are grateful to the organizers of this contest from Optimistas – lawyer Tsveta Stoeva and arch. Yavor Panev, as well as all partners and friends for their assistance and support! Thanks for the support of VELUX Foundations, Varna Municipality, the Chamber of Architects and the Union of Architects in Bulgaria!

We are fascinated by the architectural sector in our country and around the world who have put so much thought into creating a supportive environment for children with special needs! It is unique how much attention you have paid to every detail and how well you have built understanding about the world of children!

Thank you very much for your participation and commitment to create better environment for children with special needs!

The whole team of Karin dom is waiting for jury selection and the start of the construction of new building. As you know in the beginning of 2019.Varna Municipality has approved the provision of a land on which a new building can be constructed for the needs of the organization’s activities. The plot has an area of ​​2450 m2, located in the extended central part of Varna – between “Doiran” and “Kiril Shivarov” streets. Funding for this new building, which combines a training center and a center for social inclusion and independent living services for children with special needs and their families, is provided to Karin dom by the Danish VELUX Foundations.


Строим новия терапевтичен и образователен комплекс във Варна

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