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Inspired by the training of Karin Dom

29 October 2013

“Meeting you was like opening a window for us, through which we can see our ‘different children’ with new eyes.”

In the beginning of October we told you about the training of pedagogues from Svishtov municipality, led by the training team of Karin Dom. Two weeks later we still receive feedback from the participants and here’s what the pedagogue Silvia Ivanova wrote: 

“Hello Zvezdi(*)! I’m taking the time to thank you and Andreas(*) one more time for the wonderful two days during which you tried to give us so much… All my colleagues and myself, who participated in your training, are greatly touched by your BIG hearts, that are opened for the people in need and by your exceptional competence!

We, along with the parents of all those children you are working with, are in need of information and guidance, we – the teachers who often think of running away from the lessons and the classroom, sinking deeper into our lack of knowledge and incapability to work with our “different” children. We read and find some advises here and there… Often, we act on intuition and sometimes we succeed in finding the right direction. But all of this is hardly enough…

Meeting you was like opening a window for us, through which we can see our ‘different children’ with new eyes, trying to understand them better, to make them a part of us. Thank you for the precious advising and for inspiring in us the confidence that we can manage! Thank you for giving us your support! 

We would like very, very much to have more meetings like that in order to acquire more knowledge and skills… We need people like you!

Thank you!”

Karin Dom is thanking Silvia for her kind words and the wonderful mood she brought to our team through her letter! 

(*) Zvezdi is training manager, senior trainer and methodologist at Karin dom. Andreas is a kinesitherapist and trainer. 

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