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School for parents at Karin Dom – Mom and baby playing together

11 September 2013

The early childhood development depends highly on parents’ preparation. Specialists point out as the most important in this period: the role of feeding, communication, emotional closeness and last but not least – locomotive activity consistent with your child’s age.

The baby’s brain starts its development during the mother’s pregnancy and continues improving fast through the first years after birth. The parents and the rest of the people in the child’s life can stimulate that development by controlong the quantity and type of the child’s experiences.

In the beginning of the new school year as a part of the Early Childhood Development programme, the Karin Dom Foundation starts a school for parents in the form of play groups for children aged 0 to 26 months.

“Mom and baby playing together” will give you practical advices how to communicate well with your baby and how to help its locomotive development and all this as a fun game!

The activities will be lead by a therapist and a pedagogue and you can visit them together with your child. The first two sessions will take place on 2nd October 2013 

The initiative will take place in the Toys Library which is located in the yard of Karin Dom – each Wednesday and Fridat at 10:30am.

We ask all parents who want to take part with their kids to bring a small cover or a small mattress for sitting and to contact us on the following number to confirm their attendance:  0879 94 07 43.

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