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Training of the Day Center in Svishtov – Communication with children with special needs

30 July 2013

On 17th July the specialists of the “Day Centre for Children with Disabilities – Svishtov town” passed a three-day training on the topic “Communication with children with special needs”.

Children with special needs quite often do not have a developed speech or another functional system for communication. They use different ways to attract the attention of adults, but those are not always understood, which makes the children autoaggressive or aggressive towards others, sometimes they become uncommunicative and ignore each attempt for a contact with another person.

The specialists from Karin Dom train children with special needs to use alternative methods for communication that ease their interaction with elders and other children.

The team of the Day Centre in Svishtov (Svishtov is a town situated in northern central Bulgaria on the right bank of the Danube river) had the chance to observe individual and group sessions with children in Karin Dom and to acquaint themselves with the innovative methods for communication for children with autism spectrum disorders, hyperactivity and attention deficiency, mental retardation and multiple disabilities. The specialists from Svishtov town were impressed by the organisation and implementation of communicative groups, by the usage of communicators, symbols and gestures, as well as by the communication through touching on the background of music.

And here is what one of the trainees said at the end of the course:

The theoretical presentation was supported with many pictures and videoclips which gives a great clarity. The moments for discussions are very useful and help in the introduction of new practices or with the developing of the existing ones.

We thank the professionalists from Karin Dom for being ready to share their experience.

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