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Training in the town of Kubrat

28 February 2012

From 22nd to 24th of February 2012 Zvezdelina Atanasova, tutor from Karin Dom, conducted training for teachers of PUI “Dr Peter Beron”, the town of Kubrat. The topic of the training was  “Aspects of teacher’s interaction with students with multiple disabilities. Alternative methods and approaches.”

Mihail Marinov, the head of the school, shared with us:

“I would like to express the sincere gratitude of our staff for the wonderful training that has enriched the colleagues and gave them many new ideas to use in their work with children with special educational needs. I sincerely hope that we will continue with our partnership in the future. 

Best regards, Mihail Marinov – head of PUI “Dr. Petar Beron”, the town of Kubrat”

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