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Karin Dom starts Early Intervention Program

1 December 2010

Specialists from Karin Dom started activities for the Early Intervention program in the beginning of December 2010. The program is aimed at families with children from birth to 4 years old with delay in some of the main development fields – motor, cognitive, language, social, and/or self help development.

The Early intervention program was developed by Karin Dom with the help of Canadian specialists with over 30 years of experience in infant development. The program is based on a family-centered model and the main purpose is to prevent the abandonment of children with a delay in their development. The specialists support families in their home environment; they consult parents on how to take appropriate care of their children with special needs and to help their child develop to their full potential.

The program helps mothers from the beginning of their parenting with breastfeeding support in the hospital, where they gave birth to the child. It has been shown that breastfeeding improves a child’s development, strengthens the relationship between mother and child, and positively influences the decision of the mother to keep her child.

Parents are active participants in the Early intervention program at Karin Dom.  When parents are supported and receive more information they are more confident and have the strength to cope with challenges and enjoying parenting.

The program is voluntary and free of charge. For now it is only for the Varna region.

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