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Open meeting for parents No1 – Child’s play

4 November 2013

On October 31st took place the thematic meeting “Child’s play – learn and have fun”, attended by nearly 20 mothers, fathers and grandparents with their children.

The meeting was devoted to the games and toys for children of different ages. Parents learned how to recognize problems in the development of their kids, as they observe the way the children play. They were given practical advice on how to choose toys for their children, in compliance with the child safety, abilities and interests. Parents also learned how to make their own toys that stimulate the development of the child.

Here is an idea how to make a toy

Take a tin of instant coffee, than find some small, round balls, decorative pebbles, аcorns, chestnuts or buttons; cut a hole in the rubber cover of the box (size as the selected objects). Show your child how to put the object into the hole. With your hand direct the child’s hand until he/she gets used to the activity.

This game will help your kid develop: fine motor skills, “hand-eye” co-ordination and the ability to distinguish between different materials. Suitable for every child after age 2 years.

The specialists from Karin Dom also presented the mandatory stages in the development of the play through which the normal development of the child goes:

  • share attention and emotion – first game of the baby with mom;
  • independent play with a toy – child playing with a toy;
  • joint game with an adult;
  • parallel play by children in group – kids play independently in a group;
  • joint play with other children – children play a game with rules together in the group.

Upcoming thematic meetings for parents:
– November 29th at 10:30am – Supporting motor development and physical activity in children with special needs
– February 28th 2014 at 10:30 – Sensory Integration – sensory development, deficits and activities that can help

The initiative of Karin Dom Foundation is implemented with the support of the Municipality of Varna and is free for all parents!

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