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Karin Dom specialist at Montessori school in France

25 November 2010

From  November 16th to 25th, our colleague, Dessislava Stankova, participated in practical training at Ecole Montessori Internationalе in Grenada, France. The training was organized by Karin Dom foundation with enormous support from the Director of the school in France, Feodora Stancioff.

Feodora, thank you!!!

The Montessori school that Dessislava visited was founded 12 years ago. The staff and children who visit the school are from various nations.  The children are from 2 to 6 years old and learn together in mixed groups with children with special educational needs. Together they help each other to learn, playing and spending time together. Child-teacher relationships are warm and friendly. When the weather allows and the temperature is more than 10 degrees centigrade, the children spend time outside.

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