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Rebound therapy at Karin dom

6 June 2013

In May at Karin dom was introduced the new and innovative for Bulgaria therapeutic method – Rebound therapy.

Rebound therapy provides diverse opportunities for movement and therapeutic exercise that fulfill broad array of specific needs. This method encourages and awakens independent models and reflexes that at the same time also have positive psycho–emotional effects.

The children who can benefit from this kind of therapy can be with mild to severe physical disabilities and multiple disabilities includin sensory, cognitive and communicative deficits as well as children in the autistic spectrum.

How the idea came about? 

At the end of 2012 three specialists from Karin dom went to a work visit at the British Spring Common School. There they had the opportunity to observe many Rebound therapy sessions with children. This innovative method shows good therapeutic results and immediately caught the attention of Zvezdelina Atanassova – Methodist at Karin dom. In January 2013, just a month after the work visit, began the preparation stages for the implementation of the new method at Karin dom.

Our friends 

1000 women from Societe Generale Expressbank supported us and helped this therapy to reach the children of Bulgaria. Interlogistica contributed by providing the transportation of the trampoline from Manchester, England to the garden of Karin dom in the Sea Garden of Varna. The size of the trampoline is 3.65×2.15 meters (about 12×7 feet).

At the end of May 2013 Sue Tuvey and Julia McIntosh, specialists from the British Spring Common School, visited our Center and shared their experience in the implementation of rebound therapy. In the timeframe of one week more than 15 rebound therapy sessions with children were conducted at Karin dom. Sue and Julia gave us useful tips, advice and guidance  for the rebound therapy and demonstrated the application of various ideas.

Two specialists from the Day Center for children with special needs in Svishtov visited at the same time and they also had the opportunity to learne about the method and share ideas and experience with their British colleagues.

More about Rebound therapy

The trampoline has some unique physical abilities – the unstable, elastic surface for example gives the opportunity to accelerate from stillness to varying speeds and then to decelerate back. That in turn creates physiological effect for the cardio-respiratory system and impacts muscle tone; at the same time the balance mechanisms are challenged thus balance improves over time; the stimulation of joints, pressure receptors and muscles results in improved body scheme and body awareness; and last but not least cognition improves.

In this way with the help of the trampoline the physiotherapists and the rehabilitators have the opportunity to motivate and create flexible models for movement in harmony with the needs of the child receiving the therapy. Through Rebound therapy the specialist can ease the movement and increase or decrease the muscle tonus, relax the muscles of the body, improve sensory integration, as well as the communicative skills.

To sum it up we can say that through using rebound therapy one can achieve good training of the body as a whole and improve one’s confidence in movements. Another of the big advantages of this method is the positive reaction of the children that take the sessions on the trampoline as a fun game and play.

Pictures from the sessions can be checked out on our Facebook page

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