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February 27, Karin Dom Event “Rare Diseases – Beyond the Diagnosis”

14 February 2024

Dear students, professionals and parents,

We invite you to become part of the community that supports children with rare diseases and be an advocate for their rights! Join the event on the theme: “Rare Diseases – Beyond the Diagnosis”, with which we will celebrate the World Day of Supportt for People with Rare Diseases. See the program and our guests! Entry is free, only registration for the event is required.

Annually, the Karin Dom Foundation works with over 400 children aged 0 to 8 years of which over 30 children have various rare diseases.

Our team believes in their capabilities and the need to involve them from an early age in therapeutic services that give them a better chance to develop their skills optimally.

According to statistics of the World Health Organization in Bulgaria, people with rare diseases are 5% of the population, which means that about 350,000 people are affected in our country.

We invite you to be a part of the World Day of Support for People with Rare Diseases, with a main goal to raise awareness and help faster diagnosis and treatment.

We are waiting for you on February 27 from 17:00

in Karin Dom at: city of Varna, 86 A Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.

Registration form

Program of the event:

“Rare Diseases in Clinical Practice” – Dr. Maria Kostadinova Levkova, MD, Chief Assistant Professor

About Dr. Maria Levkova: in 2021 she successfully defended her dissertation on “Molecular-genetic and immunological biomarkers in the medical-genetic counseling of families with infertility”. In 2021, he acquired a specialty in Medical Genetics. Her main interests are in reproductive genetics. ”

“Models for Reporting Unwanted News in Medical Practice” – Prof. Sevdzhihan Eyubova, PhD

Prof. Dr. Sevjihan Eyubova is a professor of developmental psychology in childhood and adolescence at Shumen University “Bishop Konstantin Preslavski”. Her professional path began as a psychologist in the Children’s Department of “MBAL-Shumen” AD, where she developed her clinical expertise in psychodiagnostics and psychological counseling, as well as in working with parents.

“Therapeutic Work with Children with Rare Diseases at Karin Dom” – Vanya Yordanova, speech therapist at Karin Dom

Vanya Yordanova has been part of the Karin Dom team since 2009. Through her experience as a specialist working with children with special needs, Vanya shares the idea of the key role of the “partnership” between therapists and parents. She is a certified PECS therapist.

Moderator: Nikoleta Yoncheva, PhD

Nikoleta Yoncheva is a Doctor of Speech Therapy, Bachelor of Special Pedagogy, Auditory-Speech Rehabilitator and Trainer. Her professional interests are in the areas of communication, eating and drinking, sign language, early childhood development and family-mediated intervention.


Your support is important for children and adults with rare diseases!

The project “Full and comprehensive early support for children with special needs and their families to improve their well-being and reduce the risk of social exclusion” was implemented at the meeting.

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