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We started workshops for parents “Let’s grow together plus”

28 February 2019

Since the beginning of 2019 Karin Dom launched the program “Let’s grow together plus” – workshops for parents during which use different forms of work, mainly focusing on the sharing and exchange of experience. This program was developed in cooperation with specialists and parents as part of UNICEF’s broader parental support program “The first three are the most important!”

Parenting may be the most enjoyable but also the most difficult role in life. That’s why the future parents dream of her, expect her and prepare. They long and hope to see a child in good health and with a typical development. But life teaches us that 10% of children in a greater or lesser extent, temporarily or permanently, do not fit into these expectations. Their parents have to face uncertainty about outcomes, with painful questions that only over time are answered.

We believe that full and adaptable parenting does not depend on the qualities of the child but on those of the parent! Every child deserves to be greeted with joy, to develop as a happy person. On this path is accompanied by his parent, who has not given up learning that parenthood is growing even under difficult circumstances. For these parents the workshops ” Let’s grow together plus ” are designed.

The workshops are held every week on Tuesday. Leaders of the groups – Elena Todorova (psychologist, early child development consultant) and Vesselina Tincheva (social activities specialist and trainer)

The main purpose of the Workshop Program is to create a stimulating and supportive environment in which parents, together with workshop leaders and other parents:

  • to exchange ideas on how they perceive their parenthood;
  • to get to know themselves better as parents;
  • to learn effective ways to cope with the difficulties in which they live;
  • to find other possible approaches to their child.

Also get acquainted with scientific opinions:

  • for the positive interaction between the parent and the child as well
  • for parenting in the interest of the child (and the parent).

During the workshops are considered the values upon which parenthood is based, discussing the needs of children and parents and how to meet them, practice communicating skills, and responding to questions of interest to parents.

Nobody knows the answers to all the questions themselves!

It is important to know that parents and specialists are partners, because both have their own contribution to the child’s progress but also have different roles: the parent makes it as a parent, but the specialists like therapists and professionals.

Photos: Karin Dom


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