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Prof.Diana Gergova – guest at Karin Doms Cafe Societe Club

30 July 2012

On the 27th July 2012 at the Art Auditorium of Radio Varna was held another meeting of Café Societe. Mr. Ivan Stancioff introduced to the audience our special guest – prof. Diana Gergova.

Prof. Diana Gergova is a lecturer at State University in the city of Zheshuv, Poland, where she teaches Archeology of Bulgaria and Thracian archeology. The research interests of prof. Gergova are in the following areas: Thracian Archeology, Bronze and Iron Age, Thracian culture in the Eurasian context of Cult Archeology, Migration, Archaeometry and Preservation of Cultural Heritage.

Prof. Gergova opened the discussion by saying: “Charity is closely related to our motives – what drives us to take a certain action and not another one.” She said, how important is to change our attitude towards the surrounding environment and to approach it with a high degree of responsibility – not just our private property. We must try to bring back the love of Bulgarians to their past which is preserved in all archaeological monuments, so that they can be proud of their nationality.

Prof. Gergova told us some interesting facts about the excavations in Ahtopol on which she is currently working. There is no funding provided for this project and only with the help of students-volunteers from Bulgaria, Poland and England they have managed to reveal a beautiful tower wall.She once again emphasized on the importance of being motivated and doing goodness and how the students were working 6 hours per day under the sun of Ahtopol – without seeking reward for it. “That is what gives me incentive to keep working – the young generation who is motivated to support unreservedly.” – she said.

Prof. Diana Gergova ended up the discussion with the words “Archaeological sites are like children, they need a lot of care, warmth and love!”

The next “Cafe Societe” meeting will take place on September 21, 2012 from18.00pm at Art Auditorium of Radio Varna. Guest of the meeting in September will be Dr.Yuriy Atanasov – Head of the Department of Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery at the Medical University in Plovdiv since 1996  and founder of Parental Association of Facial Abnormalities in Bulgaria.

Cafe Societe initiative is supported by the America for Bulgaria Foundation.

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