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Results of “Improving the quality of life and social integration of children in foster care” project

20 February 2018

For one year, our partner in support of children with special needs in foster care was the Friends of Bulgaria Association – London. The one-year project “Improving the Quality of Life and Social Integration of Children in Foster Care” started in March 2017 providing individualized support to 7 children (aged 1-7) with special needs in foster care. The project aims to make children more independent and develop their social and communicative skills that will help children in their adaptation and transition to kindergarten, will boost their full participation in the community, and will also increase their chances of being adopted.

Children have shown outstanding advancement in all areas of development and improved communication skills, memory and desire to engage in group activities thanks to the Montessori group. Individual sessions with specialists in turn have had a positive effect on fine and gross motor skills, skills for eating and self-service, as well as on building social and emotional skills.

Foster parents received regular feedback from specialists working with children and were consulted with a social worker, psychologist or nutritionist according to the condition and the needs of the children. We are happy to work with these extremely dedicated foster parents who, despite the specific situation of the children, have made a lot of effort, followed the guidance of our specialists, consulted with us about everything that could be useful for the children. These are parents with open hearts who took the difficult task of raising a child with special needs and giving him a chance for a brighter future.

The good results have been achieved thanks to the successful partnership with the Child Protection Department, Varna. Thanks to our common efforts, two of the children are already adopted, and two others are about to meet their new adopters very soon. We are glad to share that in September 2017 two of the foster care children went to school. Thanks to their own efforts as well as the efforts of specialists and parents, these children have the chance to be fully involved in the educational system.

In 2017, on the occasion of the foster parent’s day and foster care, the National Association for foster care rewarded Karin Dom with the “Savior of Childhood”. The award was given for the support and care provided to many children with disabilities who live in foster families. Karin Dom was nominated by the foster mother Nikoleta Naidenova for her contribution of our specialists and the change in her child’s life.

 The project ends in a month, and for its continuation, Karin Dom is again looking for financial support.


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