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The Online Consultation of Our Specialists Continues

19 February 2021

Dear parents,

The therapists of Karin Dom continue to be available for online consultations. The work and visits of the children, although virtual, are on schedule and we continue to work remotely. The most important thing at the moment is for the children to keep their usual rhythm of activities at home, because without stimulation they quickly lose motivation, start to react more negatively to the set tasks, and valuable time is lost. Thus, the consultations with our therapists must continue, even if online – our main goal is for the children to continue their activities from home, not to lose motivation and pace of learning and skills development. And here is what motivates us to continue working and supporting families regardless of the distance.

A letter from a parent of a child, included in an online consultation, with which our team continues to work remotely.


We are a Bulgarian family that has been living and working in England for ten years. We have two children, as the younger one is Danny – a 5-year-old sunny child diagnosed with autism.

I want to tell you about our online meetings with the specialists from Karin dom, without whom we would not have been able to cope. For the last year, every week, we have been conducting online consultations, which are very useful for Danny. I am saying what happened during the week, where we encountered difficulties in his behavior, his sensory development, and fine motor skills. Then, there are guidelines from experts – which exercises to do, how to work with the visual schedule and how to deal with a problem that has led to the corresponding deviation from the normal behavior of our child. After each therapy and our strict adherence to these activities, I began to see positive changes in his development. Week after week, he acquired new skills that we could only enjoy. Danny began to touch the food, eat, and dress. His understanding of the world around him has changed, and this has given us hope that with mutual efforts he will have a better life.

The specialists from Karin Dom are not only professionals but also warm-hearted people who support and encourage us all the time. Online meetings, although remote, have proven to be very useful and rewarding.

Thanks to them we are one step ahead to a better future for our child!

Regards from London!”

Just a few days ago, the Karin Dom Foundation received an award from the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) for civil solidarity for Bulgaria. The award is for our project to provide online training and counseling for families of children with special needs and support in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic so that parents can continue their children’s therapy at home. The awards were given to the winners from 21 European Union countries, selected from a total of 250 candidates, and Karin Dom is the Bulgarian winner of the award.

Parents who want to contact us about questions and a request for a consultation can do so by filling out an online request for consultation or contact us at the following telephone numbers:

Early Intervention Team (for children 0-3 years old), 0876 655 220 – Veronika Valcheva

Therapeutic team – bookings for consultations and schedule, 0878 302 518 – Desislava Jeleva,

0878 419 140 – Meglena Palamudova

Training center, online training, 0885 770 676 – Borislava Cherkezova,

Inquiries for campaigns, the Family store, donations, and others:

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