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31 July 2020

According to the requirements of art. 95, para 1 of the EPA and art. 4, para 1 of the EIA Ordinance,

The Karin Dom Foundation announces the following investment proposal

for the construction of a “Center for work with children”:

The building will be built in Regulated Land V-309, quarter 996 according to the plan of the 5th district, town of Varna in a plot with identifier 10135.2556.383, according to the Cadastral map and the Cadastral registers of Varna, with administrative address: Varna, 86A Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd.  The building will be used for social services for children and families and educational activities for adults. The building will have total built area of ​​2 710 m2. There will be one underground floor, three ground floors and an open terrace. Traditional building materials and construction technologies will be used. The building will be connected to the water supply and sewerage network of the existing water supply system through a water supply diversion. Wastewater will be discharged into the existing street sewer. The generated waste will be treated in accordance with the applicable regulations. The excavated earth masses will be used for backfilling and horizontal planning. No emissions of harmful and hazardous substances into the environment are expected.

Строим новия терапевтичен и образователен комплекс във Варна

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