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Noble and healthy

9 January 2012

During 2011 Nikolay Neshev successfully realized his wonderful idea – the initiative Run With Hope, which combined two of Nikolay’s wishes, the first one being to help the Karin Dom Foundation, the second – to be even more motivated in his pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Using JustGiving, an online systems for charity and fundraising, Nikolay wanted to turn his strong will, the hundreds of hours of hard training and actual participations in marathons into a donation for Karin Dom. We are now happy to announce that he managed to achieve both of his goals!

As he says – getting out of bed around 5 o’clock in the morning for a workout/training is no longer hard for him, and here is what he wrote to us about the results of the fundraising.


I would like to wish you, the children and the whole team of Karin Dom all the best of luck in the new 2012 year.

The initiative Run With Hope managed to raise £1,636.00 for Karin Dom and I hope this amount will contribute to your cause.

Kind regards

Karin Dom is grateful to Nikolay for his wonderful idea, for all the effort he had put into the realizing it, and for the great example that he had given!


Read more about Nikolay’s initiative on our page – here.

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