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New Group for Early Childhood Development in Dobrich

12 October 2012

In June 2012 the Center for Public Support to the Helping hand Foundation, Dobrich, launched a new Group for Early Childhood Development where children will be trained via the Montessori Method. 

The group is specially designed for children with special needs who have difficulty in the physical, verbal, emotional and other areas.

The team – Montessori therapists, speech therapist and a psychologist, were trained in the Montessori method in Karin Dom by Feodora Stancioff. Feodora Stancioff did her teachers’ training 3/6 at the London A.M.I centre in 1991 and is now co founder and pedagogical directress of the International Montessori School in Toulouse, France.

The project is financed by the Social Protection Fund of Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

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